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Doom collections

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This is sort of a follow-up to Jeremy's post lower on the forum.
I'm curious as to how extensive some people collections are. Mine is as follows:

- Ultimate Doom
- Doom II
- Final Doom
- Master Levels
- Hell to Pay (Doom II addon)
- Perdition's Gate (Doom II addon)
- D!Zone 3 (level compilation)
- Demon Gate (level compilation)
- Doom 64
- Doom figurines: imp, cacodemon, baron of hell, arch-vile,
revenant, arachnotron, pain elemental, chaingunner, cyberdemon
(I have multiples of several of these)
- Posters: Ultimate Doom poster, "signed" by the id team (came
with UDoom), the Master Levels poster, and a Doom 64 poster,
my favorite (came with an issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly)
- All 4 Doom novels
- Bobby Prince's Doom Music CD
- Doom II screensaver (sucks)
- Doom Comic, laughably bad, but that's what makes it so
funny (came with id anthology)

I think I have more stuff somewhere, but I can't remember.
Let me know what your collection comprises of, I'd like to know.

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I have :)
I'm going to upload it to my site one of these days, once I get the files to a reasonable size. 500 kb is a bit big...

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Guest Duke Nukem

My collection exists of the following:

All the dooms.
32X doom
SNES doom
and master levels.

My collection is small but my doom2 folder is over a gigabyte big.

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Guest Doom4Ever

um, i have a doom pencil.

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