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Guest DaCat

Counter Operations TC

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Guest DaCat

My last post didn't make any sense unless you read the post before it. I'm currently waiting for DoomWorld to host my TC so I'm going to advertise it here (as lame as that is).

Counter Operations TC for DOOM/DOOM2 using EDGE

How many times have you torched the cyberdemon and wished there was something else to blow up. When the dust settles and you've wiped the guts from your faceplate, what can a doom marine do?
How about blow some more shit the fuck up? Using the new EDGE source port CO brings Dooming realism to a frighteningly new level of chaos. With awe inspiring levels, weapons and graphics you'll swear your playing something else. Uses new SMART AI technology, your enemies have 3D hearing and sight, they wont attack until they can see the terror in your eyes. A whole new arsenal of Pistols, SMG's, Assualt Rifles, Shotguns and much much more are at your disposal to toast the bad guys. Explore all new frighteningly real places with level-over-level and real-time lighting effects. Go over/under/over/under bridges, swim in the water, leap off a cliff to escape at the last second, only the strong and quick-witted will survive, do you have what it takes to be among the ranks of the real CO's? Find out, play the game...

Counter Operations Web Site:

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