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Guest DaCat

A new TC for Doom/Doom2: Counter Operations

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Guest DaCat

Some may already know about the project, this is for you who don't. For all of you who actually did visit the site had some comments about the title picture. Counter Operations is the unofficial sequel to Covert Operations, now you know why so you can shut up. This will be an actual advertisment for the game:

What is this desolate place? An area I used to know...
The outlands... A blazing infero races across the caked land, serving to take the life that had once existed here. People used to call it "India", but no more... Things will never be the same again...

In the year 2001 law is just a noun.

When terrorism threatens to take away everyone you love, destroy everything you know... When the darkest of times has come to pass, only a small group of 20 will stand up to take back what was once called "Freedom". Do you have to guts to stand up and tell the evil NO, I will not take this, I will not die lightly and dissapear into the night! Counter Operations TC, a strategic counter-terrorism total conversion for Doom/Doom II. Using the EDGE source port CO brings Doom to a new extreme of gameplay. Uses a frighteningly realistic AI to control your enemies they can see, hear and hunt you down. Featuring a brand new arsenal of 12 new devestating weapons such as pistols, shotguns, rifles, rocket launchers and more, CO offers the most intense gaming experience of any TC out there today. Sneak into enemy headquarters to steal documents, parachute into red zones, eliminate your enemies, save hostages, recieve help from friendly forces, but use your brain cause only your mouse and your wits will keep you alive...

Visit the website today, now has 800*600 and 1024*768 compatible versions!


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