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LINUX doom ports

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ok what port are there for linux. also i have both linux and win98 on my system but how do i get to linux from win98 or win98 from linux. or how do i choose which one to boot up

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erm, lxdoom, prboom, linux legacy... I suggest you look at http://www.doomworld.com/ports/ .

And as for choosing which to boot, erm, that depends on what bootloader you chose. If you can get into windows but not linux, try using a program called loadlin and a boot image from your setup CDs if you used a conventional distribution (I imagine so) if you can get into linux but not dos, you need to work out which partition is your dos one and add it to lilo's .conf file (assuming you use lilo, its possible you use grub or some proprietry thing)

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