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update on nmtext3

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I promised this texture .wad long, long ago, but being the lazy bum I am, I'm afraid I failed to deliever when I promised :(

Truth be told, I haven't really been in the "Doom mode" these past couple of weeks and have hardly even touched an editor. I've been busy doing other stuff, like completing Baldur's Gate 2 (finally!) and the They Hunger 2 HL add-on, getting attacked on Planetarion, pubbin' it and clubbin' it, and generally enjoying not being at university :)

However, all that's about to change. I'm going back to uni on Saturday, so I decided to get my arse in gear for these next few days. I sent the current version of nmtext3 (all 4.7 megs of it) out to a few people to check out, comment on, suggest more stuff, etc, and hopefully they'll give me some more ideas, although I've still got a few of my own.

I'm going to try to get this out before Millennium and Caverns of Darkness, so if they read this, it's a race guys! I would wait to see their textures for more inspiration, but I've already seen them ;). In CoD's case I drew half of them =p.

So, last call. If you're working on a level and need specific new textures, or even just a single texture, let me know and I'll try my best to add it, although bear in mind I can't really do hugely detailed stuff such as tech walls. That is, unless I want to spend a week on the same texture :)

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I am planning to post this request in the Editing Forum, but I figured I'd check with you too. Do you know of any good moonscape (i.e. moon-like mountains and craters under a night sky) for a sky texture? If it's 256*240 so much the better, but if not I can edit it to create a 256*240. I'm off to see if Wally will allow me to extract the moonscape sky from DN3D. Thanks.

Update: Wally worked fine, and I managed to get enough patches to create a spectacular 512*240 texture. Unfortunately, Wally can't read .grp files, so I had to rely on a Tiles+++.art file created as part of someone's graphics add-on. Plus, the DN3D graphics format for the sky is 128w*400h, so I had to cut 160 off the bottom to get the desired size of 512*240. Still, everything worked out fine in the end.


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