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Guest slayer1

Black csDooM Launcher fix??

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Guest slayer1

I have rec'ed the patch from Nightfang that stops his black launcher attacks, I applied the patch and recopiled the src.
Once the new server was up I used the Black launcher to test the new server and it worked, I then applied "fraggles" flood patch and recompiled that and did more testing, both problems appear to be fixed. Finally I E-Mail it all to Fly so he can make an official release. In the mean time if you want to download the patched version of the "doomsv" you can get it from http://slayer1.dhs.org/files/doomsv.tar.gz This is a unofficial Linux version ONLY (I don't have the software to compile a windows version you will have to wait till Fly makes a release).

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NightFang said:


i made the patch.

It's because you NightFang are and SOB and a m*th*r f*ck*r.
Your Black CSDoom is now a shit !
The evil can't win by the defence of the heaven !

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