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Free (Legal) software question (Doom related)

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Okay, so I took a break from WAD editing to learn a few trick w/ bumpmapping in photoshop, and Viola! I'm a one-man texture machine (Only really good at tech, but that's all I need...). Nonetheless, I need some sprites to go with those, and preferably some experience with 3D modelling (So I'll have some grounding for Doom III)

Anywho, my question: Is there a free program I can make .md2 models with and grab sprites of those models?

And NO Warez responses, I'm looking for something that's LEGALLY free, if there is such a thing, which is why I'm asking.

Now I know I could use searchengines (Which I will, after this post) but I figure that if any f you have used any such programs, then I could maybe get a little criticism about them, so I could maybe pick a good one.

Apologies to Ling if this isn't what he had in mind for this forum, but this is (a) a question that (b) I want answered... ;)

Thanks in advance.

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