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Guest fragg

WadAuthor creator asks input for New Version

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Guest fragg

WadAuthor creator John Williston has signed on as Doomworld forum member "Philosophos" to begin major updating of WadAuthor Editor.
He requests your input/suggestions, for the new Version.

In past 5 years, how many creators of the other "fine old Editors" (Waded, DCK, etc.) have ever come to Doom site and asked players "what Upgrades would you like to see?"
I could be wrong but I think they all long ago, moved on to other things.
Here's the chance for Map, Wad, TC designers to get "another" new, kick-butt, MODERN Doom editor.
Give your "input" to him directly (e-mail wc@zyan.com) OR post in "Editing" forum.
Anyway, here's essence of what Williston said.....

I can now say with certainty that there *will* be at least one more Significant release of WadAuthor.

After getting sort of nostalgic for it yesterday, I nosed around in the code base and added one of the features that really should have been in there from the outset, namely, the ability to easily create and delete multiple maps from within a wadfile.

Since I'm working on WadAuthor again, I'm going to add more things and clean up some other bugs before the release.

This would be a good time for you and others to suggest desired additions, or list known problems. -- PHILOSOPHOS.

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