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Announcing Surge ST

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I'm stopping work on the improved version of Surge 2 because I've had a better idea.

I'm going to take the best levels from Surge 1 and 2 (I might remake them from scratch in a few instances), completely alter them (this may involve merging two or more of the smaller levels together), make a few new ones and generally make something really cool for everyone.

I'm dumping all the existing Surge 1 and 2 textures and using nmtext3, and there will probably be some "new" decorative sprites as well.

There will most likely be around 10 levels. Most of them will be standard DM, but there will probably be a couple of CTF and Domination maps too. There's also a new multiplayer idea I've come up with that I might use as well (I won't explain it, because it's a secret for now).

Oh yeah, this won't work with the current version of Skull Tag, as I want to use the ZDoom v1.23 features (read: slopes) which presumably will be put into ST once the official ZDoom v1.23 is released rather than just betas.

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