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need help with merging wads

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i merges my zdoom wads togeather(for my rail only megawad) in wintex and well skulltag crashes from it so i tried grouping different zdoom wads to other ones and well skulltag still crashes im using 4.3 is therre a graouping program that can group zdoom wads saffly

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You can merge as many wads as you like with DeePsea for ZDOOM/etc PWADS - there is no limit.

1. Press F7,
2. Press "Import Lump Files Into a PWAD".
3. Press "Open Target file" and type the name you want for the merged file.
4. Press "Add a File to List"
5. Repeat 4 for as many files as you have.

Instead of repeating step 4 you could also press the CTRL key and left mouse click select all the files at once if they are in the same directory. This is a standard windows command.

6. Press "Import ALL files" to create the final WAD.

Don't combine levels for ZDOOM/HEXEN with regular DOOM format levels because the internal structures are different.

Next release will recognize nonstandard level names (e.g. not ExMx or MAPxx, but any level name you like)- should be in a about a week.

I suggest you download DeePsea.zip from www.sbsoftware.com or ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/.2/idgames/utils/level_edit/ though, since the copy on DOOMWORLD is an older version without all the latest fixes. The current version is 10.21

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