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I FOUND A TC (A pretty pointless post)

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<<AN Update to my previous post "Can anyone recomend a cool Doom TC" found below>>

I downloaded Strain, and it was just what i was looking for (I wont be bored for a while). If anyone else decides to suggest a TC, i'll still check it out (post it here though)

Hey, bitstate, I still wouldn't mind knowing where i can get Immoral Conduct (even though i have strain)

oh, and uh thanks Nightmare


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either i havn't played strain or i've simply forgot it, sounds promising anyway :o)

immoral conduct can be found here (along with don's challenge II which is a really good tc too, how could i forget about that one???) http://www.isn.net/~gwhittle/ (although dcII seems to have moved to here : www.dc3.f2s.com)

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