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Generally nothing to do with Doom

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Bleh, I feel like shit.
My first 'night out', ever last night - went to the PitchShifter gig at Rock City in Nottingham (England, where I live).

Hell yeah, that's an experience I gotta repeat, only with a band that's not so average - for the first time, I felt like 'part' of the crowd. Rock City is amazing, the deviant horde will always NEED places like this, places that cater for the needs of people that really don't fit well.

Hmmm.... just like this place is, games-wise.

So if anybody here from blighty feels like an outcast, and not fit to live just because they're 'different', I'd recommend Rock City - plenty of like minded people. Heh, I gotta go again, despite my guts aching from mixing cheap, shit beer with the good stuff (Funds were getting low about halfway through the night).

As I said, this generally has nothing to do with Doom, but hey - at least there's a relevant sentence here.

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Guest giltygear

You , my friend, sound like you need to get something off your chest.

Might I suggest doing it at my site (killthebunny.cjb.net)? All the details are in the "Drunken Stoopers" section.

Dammit, I can't go one day or get through one friggin' sentence without pluggin' my site, killthebunny.cjb.net. Damn television...

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