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Miscellaneous Doom references

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Finish Doom's episode one. Read the text, where it says '...the only way out is through'

Get NIN's The Fragile album (No, really - buy it. It's truly a piece of art) and take a look at the track listing.
Hmmmmm.... 'The Way Out Is Through'...

In light of the recent 'All your bases are belong to us' thing, I thought I'd spin it the other way. What other Doom references are there, coincidental or otherwise?

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Hmmm, there was a website that had a bunch of these things. The guy was working on a re-vamped aliens doom I believe. He had some really weird stuff;
a photo of some mountains in South America that looked just like the e1m1 sky
A G.I. Joe that looked just like the doom marine
And he also tried to figure out what company made the Doom chainsaw (because there is a blurry logo on the handle).

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