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Guest Erick20

High Pings on CSDoom...

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Guest Erick20

Has anyone else been noticing this lately, or is it just me? For some reason or another, I can't seem to ping a server under 1500 since yesterday.

Also... I'm a long time doom player, but I'm relatively new to the internet dooming. (less than 6 months). Can anyone give me some details on starting my own Doom server via CSDoom? I have a dedicated T3 line to run it on, & my machine is running at 450mhz. thanks everyone!

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I played successfully last night on several servers so the high ping may be a (hopefully) temporary condition with your ISP.

CSDoom servers are started with doomsv.exe.

I have some batch files set up for my favorite wads, here's
an example:

cd \csserver
doomsv -file ikbrowny.wad -maxclients 5 +exec ikbrowny.cfg +set dmflags 1158 -port 10027

Most of that stuff is optional. Here's the contents of the
ikbrowny.cfg file:

addmap map01
fraglimit 25
timelimit 08
set hostname "Rarefiles.tripod.com"
rcon_password yourpass

I'm using that hostname because my friend Falconer has a web
page there and hosts the wads for download. That way, players
can see where to get the wad, then come back to play.

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Hi FOD. Yeah, I just started to check in here since I saw how SkullTag was coming along. Already got set up to edit. :)

Heh, this is one more thing I can do at work on unofficial breaks, to cheer me up! See ya.

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