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Beta testers needed!

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I'm looking for two or three people experienced in such matters who are willing to playtest my upcoming level set for Skull Tag, Skull Surge (yeah, I renamed it :) ). It's entirely a personal project, but obviously I need people to tell me how it plays, especially as I can't play multi-player right now (my connection charges are way too expensive :( ).

In case you missed my original post, I'm going to have straight 3-4 player DM levels, CTF, Domination, a new multiplayer mode devised by myself, and maybe CTF. 10-15 levels total, most of which are either based on or inspired by Surge 1 and 2 levels. The Q3 influence of some of the Skull Tag levels will be present too.

For now I'm actually using ZDoom v1.23 beta 11, just so I can have slopes :) The final version will of course be for Skull Tag, and will have lots of new textures, decorative sprites, and possibly even bots (can they actually be edited in Skull Tag?)

So far I'm about 1/3 of the way through the first level, which is CTF. It was originally inspired by Pandemonium (from Doom 1), but it's starting to drift away from that quite a bit now, though it still uses SLADWALL everywhere.

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Guest Stealthy Ivan

Actually me and my team play skull tag on our network all the time, skull tag kicked ass!!! :) We would be happy to help you test it.

Stealthy Ivan

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