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Guest Stealthy Ivan

When we return

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Guest Stealthy Ivan

The page will be back up on the 14th or 15th. When it returns it will also have the 7 level demo ready for downloading. We have lost a few members, but any more I dont really care. I am going to finish this f*cking thing already and it will be kick ass...!
As for the doom world, I'm sure some of you are going to piss and moan about the project because you are unhappy with it, but oh well, I hope that there are still people who will enjoy it too, thats why I build levels in the first place, to play them and have fun. It seems alot of the people here in doomworld take this shit too seriously. (haha) They have forgot that computer games are supposed to be fun, and alot of people I see are trying to make a job of them... Well I hope when our TC comes out that some of you will have some fun, if not all of you. If we would work together and stop trying to out work one another, we might just get a following again here at doomworld, and that would keep the flow of newbies from doom3 to a min. But its all up to you, I am just one person and by myself can only do so much. It would be cool to see the doomworld try to work together more.

(Keeping Doom Alive)
Stealthy Ivan

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