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Guest s999cop

Bluntman's post

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Guest s999cop

Here's a post from bluntman posted in clanchronic.com

Maybe it's just me, but the past few weeks have been rather slow around here. Doomserv is down
at the moment(which is understandable with all the upgrades and new ds betas that has been
out), but its sortof like everyone has cough "Toke-itis", just kindof idle, not really playing or
chatting but just there in sprit(note: I probably have the biggest case of "tokitis"

Buts its not only been slow on DS, but CSdoom has been pretty dead too. I remember those
early days of CSDoom being on a maxed out 8 player map1 , being trounced upon by some guy
name fod_vile... or a gibalot, spinal, or even a guy named farce. Those days have changed a lot,
now I join a server with some guy named rench, play for a few mins, he'll leave and all I see are
empty servers... ( yeah I know cs sux, blah blah

I really thought that skulltag was going to light a fire under the DM'rs in the Doom community, but
so far that hasn't been the case... it seems the only players I ever see on the ST server(s)are its
developers, or someone new trying it out for the first time. Although I'm not in love with client
prediction and added q3 features, I am in favor of anything that will bring interest back to the
Doom DM.

The Chronic seems to be following this trend too... Ganja out partying, Bone's got that whole
energy crisis to contend with, Slug's look'n like a gansta with his "toque." , I have enough porn
to keep me umm er.. busy, Farce is out there getting drunk, and ol' Slam is probably busy hitting
on the ladies... It looks like I'm going to have get a job, so It looks like my time on DS will soon
be limited too.

Well, with all that bs said, I'm sure things will pick up once the new Doomserv is complete. But
until then it looks like things like the ladder will stay in this lethargic state, which kindof sucks..
Maybe it would be a good time for tourney or something to jumpstart things again, just thinking
out loud again.
Oh well I'm bored.

Sincerely, (<---- HAHA that's a bunch of bullshit)


--------Man, im absolutely agreed with him! csdoom has been very deadly since the csdoom.7 version released,In the old day, i remember always have chances to play alot of good players such as gibalot, ocelot(lameass), farce, xenos, and the others. and now, what? what now? csdoom's dead, doomserv slowing down, skulltag doens't any good if noone would host up a good connecting server, no good maps, thats boring! Geez, doom have'been kept supporting by every single one of us over years(maybe shorter), otherwise everyone would be gone, isn't that right?

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Well, my post is a little out of context here... it was just a reflection on the current state of trying to get a deathmatch. Doomserv has been going through upgrades and CSDooM is drying up... ST multiplayer hasn't seen the response, thus far, that I thought it would.

All that will change. The Doomserv final will be done shortly, CSdoom will still attract some newbies to play, and skulltag will pickup once people realise it's more than just playing bots :)

But I see why Mr. 999cop decided to incorperate it into this fourm.. :) Doom's not going anywhere, just the doomers are.


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csdoom is dieing coze of skulltag i mean y play a bugged up port like csdoom that is never updated when you can play skulltag.

and if ya whant to chat join #doom

and skulltag will have a laucher when that comes ppl will play st alot more. lets hope carns job whont interfear with ST

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