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to those who want the doom64 sounds...read on

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Yo, yo, wuzzup ya'll! I see that a few of you want these sounds (including jacques who emailed me). Well I have to do the necessary documentation (just a stupid txt file) and doublecheck the zip files, but other than that it should be set. I'm thinking of having either a set with just the doom64 sounds or a pwad, although you would have to use zdoom since each sound is renamed (the new names make them much easier to sort through than the old ones, this will be in the txt file). Anyways, I also have a few remade sounds in there (such as for the heretic class and hexen fighter class, as well as wolf and quake class). They are from various places and some are all new. I even have some sounds for the icon of sin, baphomet including and idle one.
Anyways, let me know what would be best a zip with all sounds, a zip with doom64 sounds only, or wads of either ones. I will be emailing them out on saturday-sunday at night. Let me know wuzzup doomworld, thanks and peace out.

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I personally think you should just make a Zip with Doom 64 sounds. That way people can insert them into their own wads to their own liking.

But I'm sure some people think other wise, so it might even be best to do all 3 (If your willing!)

And don't forget to include me on your mailing list: I3aron400@aol.com

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Hey, send me those sounds! Please.

Address is to the left <---

I don't know what I'll use them for, but I think they're cool!

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Sir Fragsalot said:

Can you send the sounds to me too?
Whoops, I forgot my REAL email: bssrpantella@hotmail.com

Hey sir frag, your alive, did you get my email?

If you didn't it asked if you cud send the sprites to me.

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