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DooM : THE MOVIE ???

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Some people here doubted if there really was going to be a Doom-movie at all. I doubt it too. I looked for some evidence on the internet but couldn't find any at all...

Does somebody know where I can find some evidence on the net?
I don't believe it, till I really see it happening.......
I do believe that Direwolf saw that stuff in Next Generation Mag, but that's not enough to convince me...

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There WAS going to be a Doom movie about a year ago. I don't know where I heard this, but it heard it was cancelled because of that Colombine shooting thing. Talk about bad timing...

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Guest Aradiel

Well, there WAS going to be a Doom movie.

Back when Doom was mainstream (hehe), way back 'in the day', one of the major movie companies (like Tristar and Warner) decided to make the Doom movie... I saw pics of it in a magazine which I picked up one day when it said something about 'Doom Movie'. This was probably over 3 years ago. The name of the magazine started with a V... Vaux... Flux...? I think it was called Flux.

Anyway, it had pics of something which resembled a pink demon. If I still had it, I'd scan the entire thing, but I don't, sorry. Anyway, the guy to direct it was gonna be the same fella that did Ghostbusters, I don't know his name. However, the movie was eventually cancelled when the mass public lost interest in Doom.

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