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Guest tjormola

Great DM level lost and can't recall the name

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Guest tjormola


Two days ago I was bored. To cheer me up, I decided to rise some good
memories. I dug my DooM II CD out of closet and installed prboom. Oh boy,
it was so fun after a break of several years. Then I begun thinking what
was the best Doom DM level I've ever played. That was a terrible mistake.
I'm becoming utterly crazy by the fact that it was easy to memorize
the level layout and feel but not the name of the level so I'm unable to
play it again. That's why I'm asking your help to identify the level I'm
going to describe before my obsession causes any severe damage to myself
or my loved ones. Otherwise I have to leech the whole idgames archive
and test every single WAD out there. That could somewhat disturb my
social life and school :)

Ok. The level is quite large but still very simple. In the center of
the level there's the main area with a large pit with rocket launcher
in the center of the area. There's a large platform on one of the sides
of the pit, probably north, which lifts you out of the pit.

In the north there's a blue room with plasma gun. There's also a small,
dark triangle-shaped area for camping between the entrance to the room
and the plasma gun.

In the far west/south-west at the end of a long narrow corridor there's
a small room with BFG.

In the south there's a room with teleport at the northern side of
the room. I think the destination of the teleport is the northen side
of the main area. The teleport is very easy to identify. A loud
"Hallelujah!" is sung when one enters it.

If I'm right, there's a couple of smaller rooms with shotguns or
something like that in the west at the cross-roads of corridors
connecting the main area and the tunnel to the BFG room and the northern
blue room. I'm not sure whether there was anything major in the east.

If you're able to identify the level I'm talking about, please save
my life and inform me. This is something very important :)
Thank you.

Best Regards,
Tuomas Jormola <tjormola@cc.hut.fi>

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