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bexedit - need assistance :o)

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yup, bexedit is in somewhat working state but one major problem still exist - geting the default settings. So far i've managed to get almoust all frame data, exept "sprite" and "next sprite" by importing the data from the boomdeh.txt file.

however, i find no obvious way to extract all other data :o( the ammo and weapons part were easy just to add by hand but all other data would be too much ... (967 entries x 2 for frame data, and 137x(many) for all thing entries).

thats where hopefully anyone here could help, if you get the latest version and the latest doom2.bex file you could add anything from one entry to anything (hopefully more then one ;o). Then send me the reasulting .bex file and i'll merge it with the rest of the data.

so far, about 100 frame entries has all data.

the goal is to have a complete (not the string entries for now ;o) bex file containing the doom2.exe default data.

When this is acomplished bexedit should be fully functional (with the exeption that it for now saves all data , not checking if it's changed or not reasulting in fully working 150kb .bex files :o)

This would probably need some coordination of some sort (so that not three people wastes time by adding the same data). Or does anyone have any bright ideas?

respond here, by email, or even better my icq account #2542537

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