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odd errors??

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ok i am puting win98 on a older pc ut it can handle it, p166. i know it is a bit old but it is my old pc. well i formated the hard drive and get this message, boot sector has been modified y to continue, from my bios. well i reformated and had no problems there and used a start up disk and still had no problems then i go to install win98 and scandisk runs fine, but after the installwizard gets to 100% it just freezes up. i can not understand this, could it have something to do with that bios or its message, part of me says the message is not what is bad i think it may be the bios. the bios is award v1.0a 1995

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Easy to fix. Go into your bios setup and TURN OFF the check for boot sector/virus modify - causes much unhappiness as you noticed.

You shouldn't have any problem running win98. I even installed it on an old 486dx100 with only 16mb just for kicks:) Didn't actually run all that bad considering.

For Award press Del as you start booting (watch the bottom of the screen and make sure I'm right for the Bios setup screen key). Sniff around the Bios setup screens and you should run into it fairly easily.

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