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Guest Slayer1

****Zdaemon Released****

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Guest Slayer1

This ripped from the Zdaemon home page:
With faster network code more reliability and speed, this is the latest and greatest
in client/server ports. Since Fly shut down the csDoom project, ZDaemon was born
on a mission to continue where the old csDoom left off. Created by NightFang.

The new network code kicks ass, I would like to see everyone upgrade their csDoom servers to Zdaemon, the game play is SO MUCH better.
It can be downloaded from the following sites:
http://www.truelights.com The officail Zdaemon web site or from
http://slayer1.dhs.org/download.php My site.

p.s. I currently have 2 servers up, use the nice new launcher to play on them, also use the new wad download feature if you don't have the wad.


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