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doom 64 music..I found a place!!!!

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yo, yo, wuzzup, ya'll! I just found a guy on napster who has just about every single doom 64 track there is (he is missing the intermission and the endgame music). His user name is FUmanCKYOU! If ya have napster just see if he is online and then do a search for Doom 64 (typed exactly like I gots it here). If ya ain't gots napster, you should download it from www.napster.com, while the service is still free!! I was just downloading the tunes, and he jumped offline, so I only do to get 2 songs. Of course, I have only a 56k modem, so someone with a cable modem could easily get all the songs in a matter of minutes. I hope this helps ya'll out. Peace out mah peeps.

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thanks dude. trying to download now. i'll be on napster for a while (i've been queued by that guy), with all of my doom music shared. that's the psx, pc, and the doom 64 tracks i have. my nic is Pickel90 i'll set up an ftp with all of my files in the future when i finish converting all of the psx tracks.

by the way, that guy doesn't have levels 6, 12, 13, 20. so for the record, those tracks are still at large.

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yo, are you gonna be online in a few or somethin', cause when I look on napster it says you're offline??

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All he let me get was the Intro and Spawned Fear. I don't think he got the entire song, cause i have heard more of the Spawned Fear song than what he has.
Heres what I really need:

Main Menu

Stageing Area


Main Engineering

Holding Area

Tech Center

Alpha Quadrant

Reserch Lab

Final Outpost

Even Simpler

The Bleeding

Terror Core

Altar of Pain

Dark Citadel

Eye of the storm

Dark Entries

Watch your Step

Spawned Fear

The Spiral

Break Down

All of the other levels use music from the levels above

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esco said:

yo, are you gonna be online in a few or somethin', cause when I look on napster it says you're offline??

try connecting and reconnecting to napster. napster has different servers with different users, and everytime you connect you connect to a random server. one of the annoying things about napster. i'll be on all of today, so keep trying. by the way, all of the files that guy had worked. i won't be home all day, but i'll stay connected and check back in the forum at school this afternoon. see ya!

by the way. i don't think the entire doom 64 songs are there. they're pretty short. i know when i ripped the psx tunes they started repeating after 4-5 minutes to 10 minutes. long tracks. thus my files are bigger. and psx level 11 may screw up if you burn it to cd (the sound is too high, you'll hear breakup). when i start ripping again i'll fix this problem.

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damn napster! no matter what i try it won't let me share the doom 64 files except for the intro! i tried unsharing and then sharing, i tried changing directories and nothing! can anyone help? i'm freaking out here!

ps. my pc and psx files still work at least.

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Napster will conveniently ignore certain files for no reason whatsoever. It does that to me a lot.

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