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Guest giltygear

Still a little troubled here...

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Guest giltygear

Hi, its me again, the dumb bridge kid. First off I just wanna thank everyone who had RELEVANT information for me to use to try to make a 3D bridge. I used some of what you told me an actually made something that closely resembles a 3D bridge! I'm so friggin' happy! you can walk under it, but when you try to walk across the gap, you fall down and hit the ground.

Everyone told me about the offsets and the textures and such, but they also gave instructions for the "Z" property of things. I DO NOT USE ZDOOM! I AM TRYING TO MAKE THIS WONDERFUL BRIDGE IN THE REGULAR DOOM2.EXE!!! So if anyone has any instructions about this it would be helpful.

Now to what I'm troubled with: You (those that gave me instructions) told me to open up wintex and change a blocking thing to a thing of cyan color that is one pixel. How do I do THIS? Explain the entire process to me clearly and please--PLEASE!!!!-- be patient with me, I'm a little slow.

Thanks again for putting up with my needless bullshit. I just don't know when to quit.

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I am not sure that you can do the walk over / walk under bridge effect by walking on "hacked" sprites with doom2 vs. zdoom, but let's assume you can. I do everything with zdoom.

It would be best for you to use Wintex to copy and paste things from a wad, into your wad. Copy the dehacked file, copy the sprites from the "supply" wad into your wad. Use the same thing to walk on as the example, a hanging torso is just one possibility. I can give you a wad to copy from if necessary... mail me at llblakely@earthlink.net. The only way I know, to implement this bridge, uses sprites that hang from the ceiling and the odd thing is that the more +z offset you give these things, the lower they are. So, you will often need to give the "walk-on" invisible things a z offset of 128 or more, depending on sky / ceiling height in the sector adjacent to the solid floor you step from.

Hang in there, this is techincally difficult and needs specific
z offsets to work. When you get it once, you will have no prob
from then on.


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Download doom legacy!

Then-Make yer level,where you want the bridge make an empty sector,with the ceiling and floor heights normal-Then make a small sector outside,and give its floor the height you want the bottom of the bridge to be,and ceiling the height you want the top of the bridge to be (what you walk on),Then change the floor/ceiling/wall textures to what you want your bridge to look like (The small sectors middle texture is whats round the sides of the bridge)-Now give ONE linedef the type 281 and tag it,tag the sector where you want the bridge to be as the same number (But type 0)-and run it in legacy!

Yay!,3-D,Walk-on-able,SOLID bridge!

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The use of the invisible blocking thing for a 3D bridge is not used in DooM2.exe. However, I'll answer your questions in the context of ZDooM.

1. You can't adjust the z coordinate (height) of an object in an editor for DooM2.exe. You can, however, adjust this in editors for source ports such as ZDooM. As a matter of fact, when using the "invisible" blocking things for a bridge you WILL need to use a source port.

2. The reason you fall through the bridge is that you have not inserted the blocking things that keep you from falling through. As I mentioned before, you can only use a source port to make the blocking things form an invisible platform along the floor of the bridge rails.

3. Using WinTex to replace a thing: First, create a graphic for a cyan pixel in a graphics editor such as MS Paint. Save the graphic with the name GOR4A0, which is what the hanging, blocking body is called in DooM. Second, use WinTex to open your wad file. Choose "Select" and then "Sprites". Then choose "Edit" and "Load Entry From File". A window pops up and prompts you for the name of an entry. Type GOR4A0, and a message tells you that your entry will replace an entry in the IWAD. Hit OK, and a File Selection window opens, through which you can navigate to the folder in which your cyan pixel graphic (named GOR4A0) is located. Select it, and hit OK. Your replacement graphic is now in your wad file.

For a tutorial on a 3D bridge for DooM2.exe, go here:


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