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Hey, they hosted that wad I wanted to show you

Go here and download Cube.zip


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Yo tight wad, bro! I gots one question though....how da hell am I supposed to survive when I use the creature creator. I am playing single player and it keeps telefraggin me when the monster appears literally on top of my head! I am using zdoom and doom2.wad, and whether I move or stand still I get gibbed. DId you set the player up as da spawn spot to do this! Help me out here yo. Peace out.

P.S. thanks for givin me some props, we cool son!

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To be honest, i didn't purposly make it so you are killed when the creature is made or that they appear on your head. It just does it. I can see no way around this (Except if you use DOOM LEGACY)

And besides, the Creature creator is supposed to be used in DM. In Single Player, you use it like a BFG!

BTW, the main point of the mod is Deathmatch :)
I suggest (if you haven't already) that you go download Zcajun and try out a botmatch! The real purpose of Single player was to test out the monsters and to "Train" you against them when they are created in Deathmatch!

But, anyway, i'm glad you like it

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