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Guest Aradiel

Nogistalgic Rantings

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Guest Aradiel

Hope I spelled nogistalgic right :) Anyway, I'd like to start off by saying this.

'They don't make it like they used to.'

Of course, by this I am referring to games after Doom. We all know and love Doom. But, now we all have good computers (good for Doom, not for new games). But do you remember the time that seemed somewhat like yesterday, but not so far off? I do.

Remember when you had to wait for that Init Refresh Daemon to finish ticking down? It seems like only yesterday I was kicking the shiznitz out of imps with my berserker pack.

Heh, my friend who first got me into Doom talked to me every day at school about it. We would talk and talk about it, always about the adventures we had playing (this was when I was in like... Grade 4, so don't laugh at me). He got the full version of Doom on his brand-spankin' new multimedia 486/66. I remember being in awe at it for the first time.

We even made Doom T-Shirts. Like so many of us, our favourite Doom monster was the Cacodemon. Back at this time, we had no idea how to pronounce it, and I thought they were called 'quadres' (I said it kwa-dreh-res). So our T-Shirts had a big red blob with a eye and some horns on it, with 'Quadres' written under it.

(This is where Ren & Stimpy would say 'Memmmmorrrriiiieeesss' :))

I remember my unsuccessful attempts at teaching myself to use a level editor. I remember sitting through school, listening to the teacher blab away, while hopelessly scribbling down detailed map sketches. I think I woulda made some pretty good levels too.

I remember, I liked a Doom II boxing level so much (does anyone remember that one? All the monsters were blind and couldn't see you to attack you, so they acted as the audience), I even got my father to send the author an email. Never got a reply though.

My friend who got me into Doom would always tell me about his crazy ideas for improving the game. Like pink demons peeing into water, and other horribly disgusting ideas that could only come from a 6 year old who's favourite words were 'poo poo' and 'kaka'.

I even remember how I played Doom II at computer camp... we played on a LAN, and I did pretty good, considering I was only... like... 7 or 8 at the time, and playing against mostly older teenagers.

Thanks for reading my rant. Does anyone else share similar fond memories? Rip them out of the back of your head and post em!

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Yo, amen brotha! I remember back when I first came to florida (I was 15), I used ta hide doom on da school computas, and play dat mothaf*cka when da teacha wasn't lookin' (florida is a very "by da book" state). It used to always seem that I couldn't find a computa strong enough to run doom or doom II at full speed. I rememba when I first played DM against mah boy muhanned (I used ta be dat sh*t back then. And even though I am still called da cyberdemon killa, I think Ive gotten a lil' rusty!), I thought that it was dah tightest sh*t I had ever seen since street fighter 2!! Oh yeah, and I have that boxing ring wad on the master levels cd somewhere, dat sh*t was tight god! Anyways, I said what I gots ta say and I'm out!

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