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doom64 music...INCOMPLETE!! >:( Read this...

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YO, I is one mad MOTHAFUCKA (notice there is no * in there!)! Me and elbryan42 have almost all of the doom64 music. In one of my former posts I said that I would check out the doom64 tracks and see if they was complete! Well I just got done and I'm very f*ckin pissed off to say that NOT EVEN ONE of the g*ddang things is!!! NONE of them, except for maybe the start menu music, is even close!!! Most of them cut off at the first "silence point" where the music gets quite for a second or two! Up until where they cut off they are perfect, but most of each jam is missing! I thought of recording them off of the doom64 game using a micorphone, and then just tocuh them up in goldwave (like I did with da doom64 sounds, how do ya'll like them?)and convert them to mp3 format but the dang things are linked together so well, I can't tell where they begin again. It's possible that much like in many other games, when it repeats it goes back to a certain point in the music file instead of the beginning! Yo, mah bad ya'll, if I had known they was incomplete I would neva have told ya'll about that napster user. I tried chatting with the guy (FUmanCKYOU is his user name), but he ignored mah *ss completely! I was gonna ask how he got da music in da first place. The ones I got off of doom64.freeservers.com aren't complete either! In fact they are the same as the ones on napster! What da f*ck?! Anyways, if anyone has any info on this let me know, and if ya'll is havin trouble wit napster, try downloading napigator from www.napigator.com. Peace out, ya'll!

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Hmmm, maybe if it's possible you could download the ROM and extract the Music out of that with some utility.

i have no clue how to do that, but if it's possible then you would get the entire song!

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