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HEY, NEED FEEDBACK ON MY WAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Go here and download Cube.Zip

Tell me what you think (What I should keep/throw out. What i can add)

E-mail me with your comments: I3aron400@aol.com

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I didn't play all the way through... demons were turning into cyberdemons so I stopped.

I liked the sounds ;)

Keep filenames 8 characters long, and with no spaces, to save us dos-users trouble. Also, it's probably best to use the doom template text file (on cdrom.com) and dos's edit program for text files.

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Hmm, i could change the batch files. Although it's intended for Enhanced Source ports and windows, but thats a good idea

hehe, the demons became Cyberdemons because the ICON OF SIN couldn't make a Cyberdemon so i decided change a character who wouldn't be so beneficial in Deathmatch to have CYBERDEMON capibilities! (I did it for the Creature Creator)

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