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it address is
Its for edge 1.24, its only a beta so i need


-NEW WEAPONS- More Soon!

Remington 12 gauge-

-Bullet Weapons have ejecting Shells-
-realistic weapons based on Weapons Used in the Vietnam-
-Airstrikes/Artillary= 500lb bombs and soon Napalm.
-Booby traps= Mines and trip flares


Ai Marines- Friendly Marine's that have M16's and M60's

NVAs-4 type with diffrent weapons.

k download it and give it a try!!

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Guest JelloBiafra

Well, here's some feedback for ya. I think that it has some potential, but at this stage it's hard to get a good idea of what it will be like. I think the weapons have potential as well, but the m-60 needs a new design badly, as does the rocket launcher. M16 is pretty decent, and the shotgun is all right. The enemies are probably my biggest gripe with the graphics portion, they look like pretty bad. Level design is decent, all though I keep getting hit by those damn airstrikes and it's hard to see beyond bushes (I geuss it's just like the real Nam in that respect). And yes, I know that you put in the readme that you would redo a lot of the things I said, but still, you asked for feedback. Overall, I think that this could be a good TC if you redo a lot of the graphics, but for a beta it's decent... Heh, I just noticed that cdrom.com didn't put it where you asked them to, that's kind of mean of them, isn't it?... Well, anyway, it's okay so far, I have a feeling it could get a lot better. Good luck with the TC.

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Thanks Man thats what i will needed, Good news, New grx are nearly finshed for weapons and enemys and i working on getting
an Proffesinal mapper, Nodus

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