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Naked Snake

Blood fan-fic

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Yes, I know, it's not Doom but hey, either is Wolfenstein, eh?

The procession of worshippers stood behind The Chosen, the candles in their hands created an eerie glow within the coridor of The Halls of Epiphany. They all stood as still as stone, their bodies never faltering, their shrouded bodies motionless. They words they chanted could not be dechipered by anyone not of the Cabal, the cult that worships the One that Binds, Tchernobog. Tchernobog appeared out of thin air, his hideous form materializing upon a huge marble throne. The Chosen, his best and greatest servants. Opphelia, with her firery red hair, the determined one. Ishmael, the tall and dark African fighter, intelligent and deadly, as well as skilled in the arts of magic. Gabriella, the skilled and cunning Nubian fighter, her intensity in battle was almost unchallenged. Then there was Caleb, the greatest of the Chosen. He had come from Texas and was a vicious killer. Nobody could challenge him. He was Tchernobog's favorite out of the Chosen. Tchernobog could not speak himself, he had to steal the voices of the dead to call out. Tchernobog spoke through the voice of a hideous cultist, who pulled back his hood. His eyes shone bright white and he spoke, uttering the words of Tchernobog.
"Welcome my children...my slaves" he rasped.
"What is your bidding, Tchernobog?" Caleb asked, his voice cold and harsh.
"You have failed me! I disavow you all!" he replied. The words came as a harsh blow to all of the Chosen. Before they could ask anything, they were attacked! Ishmael was taken by the demonic beast known as Cerberus. It spat flames at him, setting him on fire, searing his flesh. The huge spider queen, Shial, grabbed Garbriella and took her away.
"What's going on!?" Ophelia asked. Then Cheogh, the stone Gargoyle snatched her and took her away! Caleb lunged at him but fell short as he flew away, Ophelia screaming the whole time.
"I have taken your love, now I will take your life! Consider my power in a hollow grave!" Tchernobog said as Caleb felt the power of Tchernobog tear the life from him...

Caleb awoke, his body sore and covered with maggots. "I'm alive?" he thought. He pushed the lid off his stone tomb and stood up, the pain rushing over him. He was clothed in his black trenchcoat and hat, his bluejeans and white shirt stained with dirt which he brushed off. He knew he must seek out Tchernobog and bring down the Cabal. "They'll pay for this". His dirty hands reached out for an old pitchfork and he grabbed it, weilding it. "Better than nothin'" he muttered, heading out of the dark, moldy masoleoum.

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Maybe describe the characters a bit better. Otherwise a good read.
Btw, why not finish your Strife story? Run out of good ideas for it?

[edit]I just posted a link in the index thread, so don't worry about that :-)[/edit]

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Mordeth said:

You're just describing the opening cinematic of Blood...

I know...don't worry, it gets different.

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Liam the Bard said:


Oi! That's not constructive criticism!

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