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Yet another post about esco

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Well, after reading all these posts from esco, I have to say some things.

Firstly, the slang way of typing. Personally, I can read it and understand it but - and I am speaking for the people here who are learning English and can't understand it properly - you should try and turn down the slang a bit (if you want an example you yourself have used, will that Spanish lady that speaks broken English have a better chance of understanding plain English or Ebonics?) It's nice that you'd stand up for who you are, but even between whole countries who speak different languages have to compromise so they can understand one another.
Secondly, esco has taken the time to sit through and find exactly where the sounds are on the Doom64 ROM. I have tried it myself, and after half an hour of searching I gave up. Not only did he have to find the sounds themselves in all the data, he had to work out what bitrate, how many chanels, and the frequency at which they played. What would be great is if you sign up a Geocities account and upload the zips to there to save sending them out every time someone wants one.
Thirdly, I made a post down in nightmare's thread. That was a deconstruction and analysis of your post, nothing more.
And finally, the insults. You usually get more satisfaction if you sit back and think for a while for a killer insult instead of a cliche "family-member-and-sexual-reference-bitch" insult.

That's it from me again.

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Well, you see, this is the Doom community. The Doom community needs a flamewar every six months or so. Seeing as how nothing has come along to precipitate said flamewar, we need to invent some reason to have one. That is what's happening here.

esco: Understand this isn't personal. This is the Doom community. Understand also that the way you chose to communicate is not the main thing getting you in trouble here. The content of your posts also has more to do with it. Your big mistake was flashing the "N" word. That is what set this whole thing off. How do you know there aren't other black people on this board who were right pissed off at that? Hmmm? Did you just assume that there wasn't? Maybe there is, maybe there isn't. You have no way to know for sure. There are people from all over the world that post here. Just because you and the friends you hang out with are cool with using such words does not mean other people of color are. Fact is, most are not. You've made the fatal mistake of believing that only white racist individuals are the ones chastising you. What are you willing to wager?

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Guest deathwarrior

stphrz: i thought it was the way he talks...

nothing personal esco, i dont hate you. i think it was great to be generous and send people doom64 sounds (me being one of them). I've used some of them in UAC Resurrection (an EDGE partial TC which has about 8 members [me being the leader of it] and is going great).

anyway, we should stop this flamewar ASAP. he didnt mean to do anything wrong, he was being generous and asked for help, yet some of you fuckers just diss him cause of the way he speaks. i find that wrong.

i could say more, but i dont wanna get involved heavily.

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I'd like to direct your attention to esco's post of Tue 20 Feb 23:28. He had been posting on this board since the 16, or 17th of Feb(possibly before, I'm not completely certain). It wasn't until his use of the word "n*gga" that people started in on him. I still think that is the true issue here.

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