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GOD DAMN PEOPLE can we stop!!

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please let us stop with this damn esco flaming, he gave us doom64 shit. many of u are acting like little children with flame throwers. lets stop this flaming war, but i am not supporting esco if he is really a drug dealing gang banger. besides he gave a little action to the doom fourms but it has gotten old and childish so esco can u make it so we understand u better and to all the rest stop flaming him. besides these fourms are for DOOM "NOT FLAMMING" if u want a flamming fourm email ling about it and maybey he will make one. So lets end this little war before it gets annoying and is dragged on for weeks. i am sure esco was just trying to get something out of u all and he did, he is most likly a kid looking for kicks but if he is a gang banger he will run into someone like me one day, i have done undercover work and helped police arrest about 20 drug dealers in my area. besides why would a drug dealer work so hard with doomers anyway? so just cut him some slack he did something with doom64 most of us have not or can not even do. so i will say it one last time stop these gay ass flame wars they disapoint us elder doom players, not to say i am old or anything

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