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only the best in music for you guys...

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i just started converting the smaller tracks that were incomplete from king elvis, and i must say that the sound is truly awesome with the psx plugged straight into the soundcard. no static, no distortion, etc. i'd even say it sounds so good that i'll be redoing all of the tracks. i'll be putting up an example track up on my site within the next few days of level 02 for a taste. please let me know what you think. it'll be a fast process since i now know where the breaks are in most of the tracks.

after i'm done those (my eta should be about a week, i'll start on those doom 64 tracks. all i have to do is borrow my friend's n64, and i will be on my way. so hang tough... high quality muzak is on the way.

and if anyone has an awesome sound card (for midi...we're talking roland here), it would be nice to get the tracks from TNT: Evilution. if anyone can contribute, please do.

if anyone would like to give something to the site, please email me about what you would like to contribute and i may give you a temporary upload username & password.

and please lay off of esco... if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have the n64 sounds. and besides, it's his generosity of sending out those sounds on his dialup connection that gave me a swift kick in the ass and got me to set up this server.

once again: IP: User: doom Pass: doom

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Yo, you be doin' some awesome work bro! Keep doin' yo thing and don't let the haters and the ingrates bring ya down. I see AND feel, ya bro! Much love for da support and peace out!

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