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Guest Hackerboy

Wintex trouble

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Guest Hackerboy

hi, i have wintex 4.2 and i want to make a install bat for my wad. i do all this and i do what its sya, put dehacked.exe and deusf.exe with the wad you want to install, after that i click on install and it comes up with,
Installing imposible. some of the files are missing
dehacked.exe and deusf.exe, but i have those files there, how do i over come this error

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Just guessing here, since I have Wintex 4.3 and also do not ever
use the features you talk about.
But, you make no mention of a dehacked patch file. I doubt that
you need dehacked.exe in this Wintex operation, you should already have used dehacked.exe and written your dehacked patch,
a file like "mypatch.deh". Then I guess Wintex can write a batch file to use deusf.exe to mod the doom2.exe using your .deh patch.

Why not just use zdoom instead of doom2...so much better for things like this. Just make the dehacked patch, then start zdoom like this: zdoom.exe -file mywad.wad -deh mypatch.deh

Later, if you want, you can actually put the dehacked patch into the wad so it always executes when zdoom loads your wad.

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