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a taste of what's to come

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i put the sample of my awesome quality mp3s in my psx doom dir. they sound MUCH better than my old ones and they are easier to hear than King Elvis's, but just as good of quality. the sample is called "level 02 (plant) (awesome quality!)". tell me what you think. all of my files will be of this quality, doom, final doom, and yes, doom 64. the psx ones should all be done tonite and doom 64 ones sometime within a week. User: doom Pass: doom

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DANG YO, that is some tight work, dawg! That thing is not only clear soundin', but it's at the same volume (more or less) as the actual doom music.

Something I noticed about other peeps music is that if ya take an mp3 from doomworld and put it in doom or doom2 and then put in the psx or doom64 music from somewhere else like napster, the actual doom music is louder than the other mp3's we have been downloadin.' But, this music seems ta be at the same volume and there is no long silence at da end or beginnin.'

What dis means is that I DON'T have to convert it to wav and fix the volume, or cut out da silences, and then convert it back to mp3 and use it. It will link perfectly, without sounding like it's repeating, if put in a wad and used. Meaning much less annoyin', time consuming, work! TIGHT WORK, you is da man, without a doubt, dawg!

P.S. this tune sounds a lot like one from doom 64!

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