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Guest fragg

Serious Sam...."hands-on" Preview....

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Guest fragg

While we're all waiting for D3, this game can help pass the time.

In Europe, a team of Croatian coders/gamers, have a big hero ... DOOM.
So they built a 3D engine, and made a DOOM ripoff, called "Serious Sam".
When you ask "What is game's Story?" They laugh "Just get in there n'kick-butt, Baby -- THAT'S yer Story!!"
Sam hits US store shelves in 2 weeks.
Game-Revolution has a copy.
Here's some edited-quotes from the "Preview":
*** "Serious Sam has garnered quite a bit of attention from the gaming press.
We weren't sure what to expect when it arrived at the GR doorstep.
We wound up pleasantly Surprised."

*** "As PC gaming technology advances, one game after another rolls out the door. But sadly, only a few deliver on their big grandiose Promises."

*** "An unheralded squad of Croation geeks (aptly named "Croteam") knows where to draw the line.
In their new fragfest Serious Sam -- that line is generously smeared with the blood of "literally thousands" of enemies -- and it's a Total, Guilt-ridden BLAST."

*** "In the spirit of classics like Doom and Duke Nukem, Serious Sam is a "largely" one-dimensional take, on the first-person shooter.
(Err, make that "entirely" one-dimensional).
There's a "reason" why these games are called "SHOOTERS", folks -- and Serious Sam never lets you forget it!!
You shoot more Bad Guys, than all Arnold Schwartzneger movies combined."

*** "The Story ("uhh, what story?") is pointless.
Set in the Near Future you play the role of Sam "Serious" Stone, a Special Forces vet, who travels through Time, battling an ancient evil that is threatening the human race.
In other words it's an excuse, for Sam (you) to roam around ancient Egypt, BLASTING THE CRAP OUT OF EVERYTHING THAT MOVES".

*** The game uses the proprietary 'Serious-Engine.'
While at first glance this new engine doesn't have much on "Unreal" or "Quake III" -- certain details simply blow away the competition.
The "lens-flare" effect is the best we've ever seen."

*** "Despite the fairly monotone environments in the single-player game (lots of yellows and browns) the textures are very solid.
Light passing over the weapons looks terrific as well.
Add to that a slew of other fancy effects and you got a very serious Engine."

*** "Engines are fine and dandy, but the "meat" of any game lies in the Gameplay -- and HERE is here where Serious Sam excels.
Sam is the textbook-definition of a "Fragfest" -- with literally scores of enemies to fry.
The sheer number of enemies, combined with a wide variety, result in a surprisingly exciting, frantic, game.
You don't really solve any "puzzles" or do "platform-jumps" at all ... it's just SLAUGHTER, after SLAUGHTER, after SLAUGHTER."

*** "Serious Sam is chock full of tongue-in-cheek charm.
In addition to the swarms of enemies, there are plenty of DOOM-type "secret areas".
And you actually have a "Score"(we've no idea "Why", but it sure lends flavor, to the Doom-feel)."

*** Serious Sam will come loaded with multiplayer capabilities, including a split-screen option. We're not entitrely sure how that's supposed to work, but it's a nice thought."

*** "We can't stress enough how many enemies you'll have to deal with -- at some point or another, your hand will "Cramp".
If that isn't the sign of a tough game -- what is?"

*** Playing Serious Sam, you know you shouldn't laugh, but you just can't help it -- knowing you shouldn't be having this much fun just fragging away like a madman -- so you just can't help it."

*** "With an amazing planned $20 price tag (includes full Editor & Modkit) Sam just might turn out to be the "steal" of the year. We'll know for sure in 2 wks."

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It's not exactly a DOOM ripoff. I liked it. It's fierce combat and you "know" some damn enemy is going to teleport -somewhere- just when you think you killed them all.

The visuals are pretty stunning.

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Guest ZarcyB

Great game! Don't know how long before it comes out over here tho :( better be soon. Played the test, love the game!

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I sure hope the new Doom game has a lot of the same elements as this one. I played the demo and it was really good. And yeah, I did get a cramp in my hand from holding the left mouse button down :)

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