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Stupidity is not new

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How funny !

We got plenty of people coming to the community, and we keep on complaining they annoy us !
I remember 6 months ago, everybody was afraid it could be the end of the Doom community... Remember ?
hahaha... Now that things are better, it feels like most of the old doomers want to select the one to get in the community ?
Be serious, we all know most of the oldies were complete dumbass at the beginning. But now we have kick ass ports, TCs and surely the most active bunch of nerds for a game which is a real dinosaure.
Give them time dammit, you're supposed to give example : patience !

Hey guys, don't try to make us believe you know everything and that because you know more rude words than us (which has to be proven) you're by far more intelligent.
Don't spam the message board with messages like : 'hey what is your favourite candy ?' or 'yo yo yo check my dick is longer than yourse'. You can make a poll on a web site and use irc to chat on things as stupid as you want. The bboard is here so that you could ask slightly technical questions about Doom (and believe me, there are a lot of people out here who can help), make announcement of interest for the community or give your opinion about an event concerning Doom.
This bboard is the center of the community : you have time to write and to think about what you're writing, and people have time to understand what you say, feel who you are, see what you need and reply accordingly.
This is a fantastic tool, use it properly.

I love you. But I don't have enough room in my bed I'm afraid. :P

As usual 30% of the population generates 70% of troubles...

PS: This post is not endorsed by Doomworld, I express my own opinion. (this means you have the right to burn me on public places - even on Sunday) ;)

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AMEN, Julian, I couldn't have said it better!

But... ya gotta admit that some of these posts is funny as all hell (like da one before yours... JESUS, SAVE ME, JESUS (said in heavy southern accent).

P.S. speakin of burnins... how's THIS sunday morning for ya?

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Hehehe... Quite a lot of fun to see Jesus make an apparition in a bboard about a Hellish game :)

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