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Ya ya I'm a newbie, but to here, not doom...

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Just saying hi, because I am new here, but don't judge me by how long I have been here. I have done things from level editing to DeHackEd-iting. I've got ideas for projects which will partial conversions or maybe total conversions. Some ideas include:

-A "Pitch Black" wad. Anyone seen the movie?

-A wad that has a hellish them to it. The end boss will be the "Black Baron". It will have more HP than a Cyberdemon, but won't launch rockets, it will throw/shoot the same things as the other barons (red though) and will use three attacks. The close attack, far attack, and the pain frame will be another attack frame, aka a counter attack.

So anyway to wrap things up, hello and don't judge me for being new here.

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Guest JudgeDooM


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Guest deathwarrior


I was like you, i've been Dehacking since 1999 and level editing since 1995, but i didnt really notice the doom community until September last year.

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Zeratul 982 said:

Hey yo, same here.
I'm a newbie to doomworld, but NOT to Doom. I enjoy making new wads. :)

Oh good! After reading posts about people all mad at newbies (and judging them by how they are new) made me not sure if I would get yelled at or welcomed. Well thanks, and I think it will be a fun time being part of the doom community!

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