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Guest cynicguru

DOOM original music by Cynic Guru

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Guest cynicguru

I have been a LONG time fan of Doom (I still have LAN parties with Doom).
Anyway, I'm a professional violinist and I front a rock band here in Los
Angeles called Cynic Guru. I finally decided to write a tune to show my
gratitude for this awesome game. The song is called DOOM, and it describes
the life of a DOOM marine cutting through imps, snorting pigs, and
cacodemons. Have a listen...you might get a kick out of it! It was recorded
at Skotlapop Studios in Los Angeles....and it sounds pretty cool!!! I'd love
to hear what some of you think about it!


and for a QUAKE II tribute, click here:

All the best,
Cynic Guru

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Guest SpaceMonkey

Speaking of Doom music, I have just copied all the doom music over to my brand-spankin' new Iomega Hipzip so that I can listen to it anywhere.

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Guest c-d-w

I recieved that very same message in my e-mail. Odd, considering I haven't had any contact whatsoever with the people involved.

However, I heard the song, and liked it okay.

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im starting a metal band with my friend, im going to write alot of songs based on video games. especially doom. probably some doom riffs in the song too. t'would only be proper

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