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Guest PFCGray

Won't it be outdated?

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Guest PFCGray

I've been ponderin this ever since GF3 came out........by the time Doom 3 comes out, won't GF3 or anything like it be obsolete? Wait a sec, stuff is obsolete as soon as it hits the shelf, but you get I mean right? Then again, id is never known to restart a project just cuz somethin better came out, are they?

Oh well, whatever the case, I'm still gonna get Doom 3 when it comes out, even if it means replacin this lousy POS excuse of a computer with somethin better, with nothin less than a 1.3 ghz processor! Now THAT'S speed!!!!! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry, didn't mean to get sinister)

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