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NiGHTMARE May Bonanza

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In May I'll have been in the on-line Doom community for five years, so I'll be releasing some stuff to celebrate. Remember, I may not release ALL of this, but I will definately be releasing SOME of this :)

NiGHTMARE texture .wad #3 - I know, I know, I've been promising this for months, but I keep having the urge to add new stuff, improve/change existing stuff, etc, etc. But now I've finally stopped myself and no more stuff will be added to it except for making flats out of some of the new textures.

If I come up with anything else, I will save it for texture .wad #4 :)

Realms of Pain 2001 - A re-release of my ancient (pre Gothic DM 1) six level DM set, with various gameplay and visual fixes to levels, much improved textures, etc. I probably won't go as far as to do complete remakes of the levels (like the ROP map01 remake in Execution).

Paradox demo - This will only include the first level and neccessary textures. It's pretty small, but it will serve as a good example of the heavy scripting the full project will use.

Skull Surge preview - This will include a DM level, a CTF level, any relevant textures/flats, and a new skin that I'm calling Saturn. Well, I say "new", but if anyone's ever played the Osiris TC, it's actually much improved version of the blue marine enemy from that.

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Guest kristus

I want the Paradox demo.

/me chants PA-RA-DOX, PA-RA-DOX, PA-RA-DOX

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