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Doom Chronicles WIP released

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Also posted this in the WADs and Mods forum

If anyone has checked out the website I supplied, you would know that the Doom Chronicles series is aiming to fill the rather vast expanses in the Doom storyline. Chapter Four takes place just as the invasion of Earth is happening, and it takes place in a UAC Starport currently under construction. The aim of the maps included in the WIP is to get the power grid back on. Once the grid is on in the full version, power for the whole complex will be turned back on so you will be able to explore it fully, but in this WIP, you can only access critical areas needed to turn the power grid on. The maps are currently still in the middle of being built (see the Downloads section on the web page for details on progress of the maps). The aim of releasing this Work In Progress is to get feedback on various aspects of the series. If you have any constructive criticism, please forward it to gooberman@metallica.com.
Where do you get it? http://www.geocities.com/gooberman_and_friends/doom_chronicles would be a great place to start.
Adios for now

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Guest deathwarrior

the mewse spanketh, not speaketh.

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