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Zeratul 982

PSX & Starcraft Doom snd conversions uploaded

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The "Starcraft Doom" sound conversion (scdoom.wad) and the PSX sound conversion (newsnds2.wad) are now uploaded at elbryan42's ftp site and soon to be ready for download!
Glitches? Mistakes? Suggestions? Let me know...

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Hmm... I think the best sounds are the medic. Hot chick voice saying "Where does it hurt?".... Yummy.... oh, we're talking doom sounds here. Right. Anyways, I know it doesn't fit, but I just had to mention it.

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Guest UAC stockholder

heh, why does everyone say that? its not THAT sexy.

Just goes to show ya that starcraft players never get any sex and
DooM players never get any sleep.

well, i dunno how to prove that last one...its only 3:35 in the morning...

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