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Guest fragg

first "Full Review" gives Sam a "9"

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Guest fragg

Thot u might like to read this (Sam was made by Doom-junkies).
First full "Review" of final, "shipped-to-stores" game (all others were previews or demos).....
www.eurogamer.com "Review" of Serious Sam (Rating: "9/10")

*** Action: Furious/Ferocious/Heart-attack-inducing...

*** Scenery: Equally impressive... rolling sand dunes... spectacular temples...entire cities.

*** "Emerging from desert, you see ancient Memphis for first time, an experience you won't forget... sparkling white walls of huge City stretch far into distance on either side ... painted towers and pyramids soar high into sky."

*** "Textures incredibly detailed ... grandiose architecture, intricate wall paintings of ancient Egypt are perfect showcase for these textures."

*** Although Sam has fair share of torch-lit tunnels and dingy dark crypts to explore -- much of the game takes place above ground beneath blazing African sun. This bright, colorful world is "welcome change" from gothic-castles/rusty military bases of most FPS shooters".

*** "The levels (sometimes fairly linear) often guide you from fragfest-to-fragfest... but you won't mind, you'll be too busy pumpin' yer shotgun, to have much time for "sightseeing" and exploring all fancy places."

*** "Not many puzzles beyond usual buttons/levers... getting to next area, is mostly by mowing down waves of enemy... this makes levels seem even bigger (and they're huge to start with)you find yourself constantly advancing/retreating across same area, as more hordes appear ... making you fall back with guns blazing ... then cautiously advancing again..."

*** "Gameplay can seem a little repetitive at times, but huge range of weapons/enemies helps compensate."

*** "Sam starts out with combat knife, pistol ... soon picks up shotguns ... Al Capone tommy gun ... rocket launcher ... grenade launcher...and a cannon!"

*** "Special-effects are big, loud, brash ... beautiful rocket trails ... shockwave-explosions ... blood...gore."

*** "Enemies come in all shapes/sizes...giant mechs... headless soldiers ... and soldiers with high-tech weapons ... exploding frogs ... giant demons hurling balls of molten rock..."

*** "Models and textures are surprisingly detailed for a game which can have you fighting dozens of enemies at once... only in biggest of battles do things start bogging down a little."

*** "Happily, there are plenty of graphics-options to fiddle with if your PC can't keep up with the furious pace of action."

*** "Sound is realistic ... the clattering of hooves as a skeleton scampers towards you, can send shivers up your spine ... while distant screams of a suicide bomber, has you spinning frantically, trying to work out what direction it's coming from."

*** "Sam's taunts or triumphant shouts (like "Owned!!!") are
usually amusing, well-timed ... apart from a few lousy puns, his jokes are funny."

*** "Sam game isn't super-intelligent or even highly-original. But if you're looking for a game where you can disengage brain -- and indulge in some good old fashioned wholesale slaughter -- Sam's as good as they come."
*** "Button-pounding Action, is most frantic you'll find this side of Arcade-shooters".
*** "Graphics, are second only to likes of Quake-3 Arena".
*** "Brightly-lit, georgious Egyptian-scenery is refreshing change from usual."
*** "Taking all the "best bits" from Doom/Duke Nukem/Defender, Serious Sam is kinda silly and lotsa fun."
*** "So start polishin' yer Shotgun!!"

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I downloaded the test version a few days ago, and it was freaking awesome... just so much fun. Classic Doom gameplay, wicked graphics... I am sure to buy this.

The only problem was the frame rate. I don't understand any of those gfx options in the menu, and with a GeForce2 I was getting around 8-14 fps. It still kicked major ass though ;)

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Christ man, I'm on a piddley little Voodoo 3 and I was managing about 20 frames a second (most fancy graphic options off)! I don't know how the hell you configured it but you really need to change something! =)

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deadnail said:

Christ man, I'm on a piddley little Voodoo 3 and I was managing about 20 frames a second (most fancy graphic options off)! I don't know how the hell you configured it but you really need to change something! =)

Hey deady, when are you getting a new PC ? I remember a while ago you were trying to decide wether to buy a gun or a Ghz PC... which one is it ?

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Hahaha. Actually, my Taxes got fucked up and I have to pay in a very small sum instead of making back a very large sum. That's the way it goes sometimes. Oh well, no pistol or Athlon for me... not yet, anyway.

And I've been done with high school for years, Fod.

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