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wav + zdoom

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How can I play ZDoom and listen to an external wav-file simultaneously? Please help!

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That would depend on your sound card hardware and mixer. If it can't play from two different sources at once then you can't listen to an external sound application while playing any game with sound.

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Guest PFCGray

Try turnin your MIDI synthesizer off. That's what I do if I wanna play the mp2 music while usin WinAmp (with repeat turned on) and playin my DOOM games. Of course, the only drawback is to change the track you have to quit the game and save it where it's at, then open the next track and reload the game again. But hey, for me it's worth the hassle for me.

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No need for that.

If it is a file in a format that Zdoom can understand (1.23 will be ok with most mp3s - but not all) you have a few choices how to make zdoom play the files you want.

Method 1

Simply name the file after the music lump you want to replace, and copy it to your skins sub directory.

eg copy mythrashmetaltune.mp3 c:\zdoom\skins\D_RUNNIN.WAD

This will automatically load and play your tune for MAP01. Giving it a WAD extension means zdoom will automatically load it from the skins dir. Not calling it a WAD means zdoom will ignore it, even if it is in the skins dir.

Method 2

Rename the file and load it with the -file parameter.

eg ren mybeethovensymphony.mp3 D_RUNNIN.MP3

zdoom -file D_RUNNIN.MP3

Zdoom can load ANY file it understands the format of, and provided it has the correct name, it will use it to replace the lump from the main wad file.

Method 3

Use a tool such as DeePsea to place the MP3 into a wad file as a lump called D_RUNNIN and load the wad file in the normal way.

Zdoomversion 1.22, however, does not support mp3s

Hope that helps.

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