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Guest slayer1

Zdaemon Version 0.9

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Guest slayer1

Zdaemon Version 0.9 has been released by NightFang, this release is by far the best release ever for the history of this port (csdoom included).
download it from:
http://www.truelights.com or

here is the changelog.


**MUCH** more stablity! (I have yet to find a crash)
Stupid player ghost respawn bug crash fixed
Player spy - 'spynext' and 'spyprev' works again in coop modes
Screenshots work once again
Fast monsters are fixed for DMFLAGs and Nightmare modes
Respawning works again for DMFLAGs and in Nightmare modes
Arch Vile no longer spawns client side ghosts
R_RenderPlayer view without a player->camera fixed
D_Display crash fixed
Chainsaw sound fixed
Wildcard's added for short server bans
Client and server stay in check with the number of AActors each side has greatly reducing the risk of crashing the client or server
Reverant missiles fixed
Reverant no longer spawns client side missiles
Pain Elemental no longer spawns client side lost souls
"Ass Missiles" fixed
Arachnotrons can now shoot their deadly plasma! PH33R!
No more client or player ghosts hanging around
Intermission text taken out for seamless coop. play (and no more crashing)
Frequent server buffer checks to prevent a SZ_GetBuffer error
ZLauncher now shows player information and has options for 'Detailed Server Information'
More client error checking to prevent bad data and causing a crash

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