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Music and sound wads up! Hell's Yeah!

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Yo, yo, wuzzup! I finally poosted my NEW doom 2 sounds wad (in zip format, comes with 2 txt files), and doom 2 music wads (there are 2 files, one replaces some levels, the other replaces the rest that are left! All songs are in mp3 format). The txt files are also up! Read them before you download so you know what da deal is!

As for da sounds wad, it has all of the doom 64 and psx sounds, and some newer or edited ones! Every sound in doom 2 is replaced or modified, and it even has a sndinfo file (made for zdoom!).

I hope some of ya'll peeps will try my wads out and tell me what ya'll think. Ya'll can post replies here if ya want, or just email me! If I don't get at least a few responses though, on da real, I won't be posting my deluxe sound wad at all! I need to know what ya'll think, so I can improve on mah work in da future!

The wads are in the uploads\esco dir. Hope ya'll likes them, Peace out!

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Guest Cacodemon Leade

I noticed that the music that you used in Level 13 and Level 19 of DOOM 2 of what mood you said are the same. I prefer the DOOM 64 Version better, so I just IDMUS it.

I have to admit it, the music replacement for Level 20 is really spooky, especially when playing my Updated Geek DOOM 2.

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They're frikken awesome! Question: How'd you get the doom2 intro music to play, THEN the menu music for doom64? is that the difference between intro and introa? or did you just edit the music together? in any case I'm updating my wads with the menu music as well.

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