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First off, this wasn't meant to offend. The funny part is the original message was a 4 page rant against everything and everyone in the DOOM universe. Even id Software. Then after I got that all out of my system and hit the post button, it blew up. Said the the post didn't go through. Hit the back button to try again. My 4 page rant was gone.

I seriously laughed until my eyes watered and my lips were dried to my teeth. Then I thought, ah fuck it. What's the point of ranting about how fucked up everything is. There are an equal percentage of assholes to good people on DOOMWORLD and NEWDOOM. And who cares?

I for one couldn't give a rats ass about the bickering, I simply don't care about DOOM enough. I just like it when fyrestorm posts his bovine-esque statements. "All he said was 'moo', and it was all that needed to be said." :)

DOOM is a great game. I love it. But now I'm going to go look for porn. See ya'll at bald-fat-and-65.com!

- Jim

P.S. Ling, don't change the site too much. It won't be as familiar and homey (as in like-home, just in case some still think I'm a dink) Oh, and Maonth, I think you got a bum rap from some of my buds. They're a bit defensive about 'home' and quick to attack people who might mean ill-will.

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Oh for fuck sakes, this was supposed to be a reply to "God some DOOMWORLD people suck"

Sorry, I'm an idiot.

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Uhm... yo just so ya know, UM how can I put dis....

YOU CAN DELETE POSTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice day, sucka!

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