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Hell~0 !

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hi there guys, Im going to start posting here because a message
board based on DOOM is way cooler than most of the other boards
Ive been spamming with my satanic propaganda =/

anyway I came to this site looking for DOOM artwork any kind of
custom demonic artwork of any kind.. Ive already found alot but
people that have demonic cyborg fetishes should stick together..

I make t-shirts too and Im looking for good DOOM artwork to put
on shirts and disturb the yokels at wal-mart with.. hehe

Also, I heard there was a doom RPG, and I heard it sucked really
bad.. But thats ok with me as long as somebody knows the name
of it & where i can get it.. that would be super cus I would
love to see what the hell it is.. Little doom midgets running
around a big map of stroggos would be kinda fresh..

also, dont hesitate to ask if you want anything I got the hook
up on all kinds of wierd stuff.. plus If I cant find it, I can
probly make it..

anyway peaceout..

and post a link to that doom RPG if you have any idea WTF im
talking about pleez..

your friend and mine,


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Guest deathwarrior

yeah, well, what a great email addres.

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Cyberdemon Lord said:

............Hi! :) Wise choice you made mate! ;)

Why don't you rip your own fucking head off?

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